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What’s For Supper?

What Mom hasn’t heard that?

Last minute supper plans tend to turn into running through the fast foods drive in.

While fast food is fun once in a while every night the cost add up and the off balance ingredients tax your body.

Planning a menu ahead of time can simplify the food choice, purchase costs and give your family a more balanced diet.

Shop from your menu – this helps you not getting in the middle of preparing a recipe and not having a key ingredient.

Take your families schedule in mind in your menu design.

Keep copies of previous menus to help not getting into a rut and fixing the same thing over and over.

This week’s menu:

*Sunday – Chunky Soup & Butter Noodles

*Monday – Steak, Home Fries, Green Beans

*Tuesday – Ham roast, pineapple slices, frozen peas

*Wednesday- Chuck Roast, carrots, potatoes

*Thursday- Pancakes w/bacon & ham

*Friday – Pork Chops, potato pancakes & applesauce

*Saturday – Calzone – tomato sauce on the side

*Last Week’s Menu*

*Sunday- Chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

*Monday – BBQ pork, mashed potatoes, green beans

*Tuesday – Tuna salad

*Wednesday – Cacciatore a la Pollo (chicken cacciatore) Recipe on blog
with spaghetti

*Thursday – Breakfast for Supper- waffles, hot tea

*Friday – Parmesan crusted chicken (recipe on blog) & French fries

*Saturday – Tortellini with Alfredo sauce

**Last Last Week’s Menu**                       (stomach bug beginning of the week)

*Sunday: mac&cheese

*Monday: French toast

*Tuesday: Breakfast for Supper – scramble egg and toast, tea

*Wednesday: Baked potato

*Thursday: Homemade vegetable beef soup

*Friday: Salmon, buttered rice, and pickled beets

*Saturday: Pizza Hut Pizza

Once you get used to I making and following menus; your creativity is the limited.

Warrior Wednesday

“Beyond even the darkest clouds the wide, open, blue sky goes on forever! Trust, let go, and allow yourself to take flight! So fly! Only then can you Soar!” – Martta Carol

What obstacles will you overcome?

Leave a Heart in the comments below to show and share your Love!

Love… Share… Comment…

Anyone battling depression, PTSD, or a life altering disease or injury is a WARRIOR because they are fighting for their life! Civilians and Veterans need each other to stand side by side and fight the good fight for life!

If you or someone you love is contemplating hurting themselves please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255), veterens press 1

Order a MHTS wristband with the suicide prevention lifeline number inside at

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